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We're honored to celebrate the TestFlight apps and developers who inspired us with their unique and joyful app designs.

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A Repeatable List

Complete, Repeat.... more
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Andante - Practice Journal

Andante is a music practice journal aimed at enabling calm, focused practice. Log your sessions, visualize your progress, and write about your practicing all in one place.

The app is still in development and could be very unstable (crashes, bugs, etc). It would help me out a lot to receive overall impressions/feedback as well as bug/crash reports. Thank you for testing Andante!
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AWAY – travel map

Building the world's best travel map – with countries and regions. Regions are available only on Airport TestFlight.... more
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Blox is a reimagined way to play one of the most classic puzzle games.

The goal of the game is to place the blocks into the board in order to fill a vertical or horizontal line.
Once you fill the line, it’ll free space for new blocks.

You can also gain the power to rotate so you can fit a box is limited spaces.

Have fun on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and iMessage
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Bolt - Workout Tracker Gym Log

Bolt is one of the best workout journals on the App Store. It's the simplest workout tracker and discovery platform on iOS for organizing your exercise routines, finding exciting new ones, recording your progress and personal records, and transforming your body.

Whether you’re looking to burn belly fat, build bigger muscle, track the strength of your squats, or just plan your daily workout schedule – Bolt is the ultimate fitness tracker to make reaching your personal fitness goals easy and with better results.

Using Bolt as your workout log lets you:
• Discover innovative workout routines designed to target core muscle groups and specific body parts for optimal results
• Record your own training routines and your workouts right in the gym in an intuitive planner
• Challenge yourself from a comprehensive range of 200+ effective gym exercises (bench press, squat, overhead press, barbell row, pull-ups, power cleans, etc.) or customize your own with multiple exercise types and muscle groups to choose from
• Access detailed instructions so that you exercise in the proper form and range of motion to build muscle
• Tag sets as Warm Up, Failure or Drop Sets with the tap of a button
• Easily log your lifts and total weight for each set so you can focus on strength gains
• Automatically update each routine every time with the previous amount of weight and rep range in your exercise sets
• Stay on track during your workout with a built-in rest timer
• Keep track of history with your past workouts – it’s a great way to focus on your progressive overload scheme!
• Sync your completed workouts with Apple Health

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a stronglifts 5x5 workout program, traditional strength training program, or you're an experienced bodybuilder or powerlifter – starting out with a personal trainer, coach, or on your own training program – men and women use Bolt everyday as their gym log on their journey to get strong, ripped abs, achieve weight loss, keep a fitness journal, and improve their weightlifting strength the smart way.

Regardless of your prior experience, Discover is the perfect growing library for your next workout plan – from guided, full body workouts to get first-time gym-goers started, to specialized upper body routines with compound exercises to help you build strength. Looking for body weight exercises for building muscle, or perhaps a lower body with light free weights – Discover is a great addition of pre-made workouts to add to your training journal.

When it comes to goal-setting in a fitness program, Bolt is a great daily fitness log and exercise journal all-in-one. Use Bolt as your fitness planner to create custom routines on-the-go, or log notes and fitness tips for each exercise. No more pen and paper getting lost in your gym bag, Bolt is the workout journal your need for keeping track of your weight training.

Next time start your workout with one of the most intuitive fitness apps for building muscle mass and getting toned on iPhone. Workout with intention. Workout with ease. Workout with Bolt.
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Present your code to PNG, HTML or RTF, in more than 180 langauges and 100 themes. ... more
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A simple recipe organiser and meal planner. Crouton makes it easy to store your favourite recipes, plan your meals for the week and create grocery lists. ... more
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Dream: Sleep & Lucid Dreaming

Learn how to get a better night sleep and feel rested every time you wake up. Forget sleepless nights and never lose your dreams when you wake up! Dream will be your guide in the dream world, the app will help you falling asleep quickly thanks to lessons and personalized and relaxing sounds such as: pre-fall asleep meditation sounds, white noise and different color variations and many other natural sounds coming from unspoiled forests, Caribbean beaches and wild animals!

Dream is designed and created for those who want to have a healthy life, sleep better and feel rested, or just for people who don't want to face lack of sleep anymore and want to remember their dreams. The app will take you into the dream world, guide you through learning and mastering lucid dreams with techniques such as MILD, WILD WBTB and many more! Dream offers many other functions created around the needs of those who love lucid dreams!


Personalized alarm clock: Dream alarm clock is designed to wake you up softly every morning, thanks to our custom made sounds, the app will allow you to gently exit the REM sleep phase. Thanks to the rising sounds, you will wake up every morning rested and full of energy!

Relaxing sounds: we have recorded and made available for you the most enveloping and relaxing sounds, specially created to eliminate any tension before going to sleep. Our stereo sounds will rock you and take you faster into the dream world.

Dream daily: Dream’s daily is designed to keep all your dreams safe! Don't forget your dreams anymore, Dream will remember them for you! Thanks to the daily backups on your Drive, your dreams will always be safe and you will the only one able to see them! You can also search for your dreams thanks to our smart hashtag and filters to always find your dreams.

Lessons: In the Dream lessons you will discover all the sleep secrets. Thanks to our guided tours, you will learn how to sleep better and wake up more rested! You will find all the necessary guides to learn how to have lucid dreams thanks to the dedicated techniques!

Personal section: in your personal section you will find fantastic graphs that will quickly show you a summary of your nights progress. Furthermore, we will show you what kind of dreams you are having and how many dreams you can remember every night, so you can always keep track of your progress!

Dream is here for you, the dream world is waiting for you!
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The modern feed reader you didn’t know you needed. Follow the people, blogs, and feeds you care about, with no ads and no algorithms.

Harbor is a single-timeline feed reader where the blogs you follow that publish five times a day won’t overwhelm the blogs that only post twice a year.
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Kontax Cam

Available on the app store now!

Kontax Cam is a minimalist instant camera hybrid app for films and digital photographers, by photographers.

With Kontax, you can achieve a unique look of film photography, digital photography, or the best of both world combined.

Effects included:
- colour leaks
- vintage datestamp
- film dust
- film grain
- light leaks

Download now to up your photography game!
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Lockcard - The Dictionary Reimagined

The English dictionary that knows you — Search once. Remember forever.

Lockcard helps you form a habit of using a dictionary whenever you encounter a new word. Lockcard will remember your search history to flash those words to your lock screen to test your memory throughout the day.


Unlike traditional dictionaries, Lockcard shows you only the information you need, saving you time and making the searching experience prettier.

Created automatically, personalized flashcard notifications come to you and engage your brain without even having to open the app.

The Lockcard algorithm is based on cognitive studies, proven to help consolidate your learning into long-term memory.


Learning from dictionaries can be a frustrating experience given the amount of information users are traditionally presented with. Lockcard optimizes the experience of searching to help your eyes focus on exactly what you're looking for. Only what's essential.

While flashcards are proven to be powerful, either they fail to provide context or could be too time-consuming to set up and customize. Like, who caries printed vocab flashcards on themselves...? Lockcard automatically creates them based on your searching habits so that you don't have to worry about that.

We understand you're a busy person. You probably have already set a habit of exercising / learning just 5mn a day, and somehow you still forget. So we designed flashcards that 'come to you'. Based on the proven concept of "Spacing Repetition", Lockcard pushes personalized notifications to consolidate your learning into long-term memory.
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Finally. A budgeting app for the rest of us. A focus on speed & simplicity transform the daunting task of budgeting into a fun and insightful experience.


“Nudget makes it easier than most budgeting apps to get started and keep up with expense tracking.” - John Voorhees from MacStories

“Boom. Done. I just launch the app, type that in, and then move on with my day.” - Mikah Sargent from iOS Today

“A budgeting app for people who hate budgeting.” - Angelica Leicht from Komando

“Nudget’s clean and seamless interface makes it easy to input the numbers and figure out how much you can be spending every day, without the hassle.” - Christine Romero-Chan from iMore

“Nudget is a simple yet powerful budgeting app with a unique take on helping you track your spending and save for the future” - Chance Miller from 9to5Mac



Manually entering your expenses can be a huge chore with other apps, requiring tons of swiping and tapping through different screens. Nudget makes recording an expense fast and fluid, so you can quickly open the app, record your purchase, and get on with your day.


Understanding your spending habits shouldn’t require you to learn a bunch of spreadsheet software or make complex charts. That’s why Nudget analyzes your spending for you in the Insights tab. Insights take all the guesswork out of where your money is going and lets you know if your spending is off track and which categories you should keep an eye on.


Tired of subscription charges you can’t keep track of? Us too. That’s why Nudget supports adding recurring expenses, so you can easily keep a list of which subscriptions you have ongoing and compare them against each other.


We strongly believe that your data is yours. Because of this, we do not collect any identifiable information about our users, only tracking the bare minimum needed to hunt down bugs and crashes. We do not share any data with third parties.


Nudget supports every currency, meaning no matter where you live, you’ll have a great experience.


Customize your experience with a new app icon. Dark mode optimized icons and stacks of bills from different currencies are among the selection—with many more to come in the future!

Setup takes less than a minute, so what’re you waiting for? Start saving with Nudget today.
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O2 - Breathing exercises

Breathing exercise app for energy, calm, stress or focus... more
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A social app for sharing articles.

¶ Read what your favorite people are reading. Social feeds can be mind numbing, but Paragraph is a feed that stimulates the mind. Follow people you’re interested in, see what articles they’re reading.

¶ Read every article with a clean design. No more slow mobile websites, no more cookie banners. No more “subscribe to our mailing list”. Just the article in its pure form.

¶ One tap highlighting with emoji reactions. Make highlights easily so your followers can see your favorite parts of an article. Leave a ❤️ or a 👍 on a highlight to effortlessly react.

¶ Leave shared comments throughout an article. Sometimes the conversation around an article is as good as the article itself. As you read, get in-line commentary from your favorite thinkers.
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Screen Light Color

Your screen as a simple light panel without notch or any other distractions. You can easily adjust to any color on the fly.

This app is my excuse at learning and exploring custom interactions in SwiftUI. Made for iPhone and iPad screens, which are perfect as:

→ Basic studio light panel (either as accent light or soft fill light in macro photography)
→ Light table / light box (for drawing, tracing, animation, reviewing film negatives, radiographs, etc.)
→ Color picker
→ Reference for color matching
→ Night light / flashlight
→ Red light for night strolling / star gazing / darkroom
→ Beacon and visual signal
→ Mood light
→ So much more

Control the Screen Brightness and toggle between either complete Fullscreen or Safe-area adjustment to conceal the device's notch if it has one. On smaller devices without notch, switch between square corners and rounded corners.

Additionally, you can unlock our in-app purchase that features precision sliders for White Balance to get the perfect Warm or Cool color temperature with adjustable Magenta or Green tints, as well as the more common HSB, RGB and HEX values. Save as many of the resulting color swatches as you want for later use.
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someday is an app for those of us taking it one day at a time. it separates your life into three buckets: today, tomorrow, and someday. with a simple design and fun interactions, you will be able to organize your upcoming tasks without unnecessary complexity. hope you enjoy it :)... more
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A distraction free writing app with an intelligent editor, smart organisation & clean design.

While most apps support markdown with a syntax that is visible all the time...
Spaces blissfully integrates Markdown that hides all your syntax, as soon as you move your cursor away!


Pin, archive, add to favourites or simply mark your notes as unread to visit them one more time.

Sort your content into spaces using hashtags and/or add them into custom filters using @.


All the options, spaces & filters available at a swipe with a gesture perfected to milliseconds after 100+ tests so that you get a flawless experience. Every. Single. Time.


Dull the text above & below your cursor to focus only on what you're writing. You can choose the focus area, from a single sentence to a whole paragraph.


All your data is first encrypted & then synced using Apple Cloudkit. We don't have access to your data, and we also make sure nobody else can access it, except you.
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Self-care that’s fun!

Discover a journaling experience that’s joyful, rewarding, and private. Use your voice (or type) to respond to prompts on topics like imposter syndrome or productivity, complete mood check-ins, and personalize your journal in the shop!
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Discord on your wrist.

Keep up with the squad on the go, reply to urgent messages and browse the horrible yet somehow incredibly funny memes Josh keeps posting in #general.
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YarnBuddy is a simple, delightful row counter and project tracker for knitters and crocheters. Import patterns, configure multiple row/stitch counters, input project details and notes, and track your yarn stash all in one convenient place. The app includes a watch companion app, home screen widget, dark mode support, and a new 3-column layout for iPad.... more
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